Community based health and first aid

eCBHFA is Red Cross and Red Crescent’s flagship community health programme. eCBHFA helps to build a sense of community and identify existing problems that can affect people’s health.

Here’s an example of eCBHFA in action. Fatuma, an eCBHFA volunteer in Community Willik, conducts an assessment. The community shares that there is a consistent problem of acute watery diarrhoea amongst children in the community. Fatuma asks her community members questions to understand why there are so many cases of watery diarrhoea. The children tell her that they know how to wash their hands and they demonstrate their knowledge and skill. But they tell Fatuma that there is no soap they are allowed to use at the primary school, so they don’t wash their hands after they use the toilet.

Fatuma asks the school staff about the lack of soap. The staff say that they cannot afford to buy soap for the children. Fatuma and the headmistress meet with local shopkeepers who agree to provide 10 bars of soap per month to the school. Children start to wash their hands more consistently at school. The shopkeepers are happy to contribute to improved health in the community and the mothers in the community shop more frequently at the contributing shops. The shopkeepers donate more soap. Children attend school more regularly because they are no longer experiencing bouts of diarrhoea. The community is strengthened and their health is improved. Fatuma and her community demonstrate to us how the eCBHFA approach help communities like Willik to identify main problems and address the root causes causing those problems. eCBHFA is at work!

New eLearning: COVID-19 Guidance for eCBHFA volunteers

In this 30 minute virtual module you will learn the following topics: What is Covid-19?, Prevention for  Covid-19, Changing behaviors, Working with Community and your Ministry of Health.

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